Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I've managed to do some scrapbooking!

Well, not only have I posted twice now in just a couple of days after you thought you had peace and quiet from me, I've managed to complete a layout! Don't faint!

I got this inspiration for this layout from my friend Helen, (Little Miss Scrapper) who challenged me to do a layout a week, I've no idea how far behind I am now! But I've been documenting Chloe's progress each month in a spreadsheet with the intention of turning them into layouts, and this is my first one!

I have been getting a bit hung up about the way my layout's look, which is holding me back and as I wanted this one to be about the journalling, I decided just to stick the papers on and see how it ended up, and it's turned out OK I think!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

T.U.B. & Our New Kitchen!

Totally Useless Blogger! I'm stealing Rach's title for this, sorry I have been AWOL for a while, life has been pretty hectic! So here's a quick catch up!

We have a new kitchen yipppee!!! Chloe and I escaped to my parents house in Cumbria for a couple of weeks while most of the work was done and it's now all finished apart from the painting, and we have a new back door which is truly life changing! Who would have thought a back door would make such a difference! Well it has, and I love it! I don't know how we have managed without one for so long!

Some before photo's, unfortunately we didn't take photo's before we started emptying it!

Beside the cooker, we had our washing machine, then a small fridge freezer sat beside the sink, so we had a corner which was empty where we had our bin and mop and bucket ect. It was a nightmare cooking because you had to walk across the kitchen with hot pan's ect and navigate around the table that we had in the middle.

Some photo's of what it looks like now..

Well it's nearly done, still needs a bit more painting and we are waiting for our blinds to be fitted.

Our little angel is growing up fast, she is now 10 months old, where has that time gone? She actually took a couple of steps the day before her 10 month birthday!!! Scary! And she has got 4 teeth with more on the way judging by her white gums.

Chloe & Daddy

Look at me!

Poor old Missy!

It's hard work eating a sandwich!

My scrapping mojo had completely disappeared, but I managed to do the first bit of scrapping on friday that I've done for ages! It was 2 CJ's entry's, so I am now ontop of my Leeds Paper Dolls CJ, just need to catch up with my Bumps & Babe's CJ. Sorry I can't show you, as the owners might read my blog! Maybe I will finally get some time & mojo to do some scrapping for myself!

Anyway, I will try and not leave it so long to blog next time!