Friday, 31 October 2008

Our Spooky Baby

Chloe and I had fun giving out sweeties to our trick or treaters!

Thankyou for her cute little halloween outfit Auntie Rachel!

She looks like she has seen a ghost! lol

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Trip out to Susy's

Trying to get organised and out on time with a baby isn't easy! Firstly my mobile has died to I got Dave's old phone and it was PIN locked so I couldn't get into it, and I didn't want to leave without a phone just in case! Luckily Dave saw his email asking what it was, as I don't know his mobile number to phone to ask him lol Then the postman stopped me on the way out with my parcel, the American Crafts D ring 6x6 album for the 'Stories in Hand' class which I only ordered yesterday! Even the postman was impressed how quickly it came! He said not bad for Royal Mail ay? lol

I needed to pop to Sainsburys before I went to pick Kirsty up, and I forgot you can't just 'run in' with a baby! I put her in one of those car seat trolleys as I decided that would be faster than getting the pram out of the car! She weighs a ton now with her car seat, I have to use 2 hands to lift it! I was trying to run round sainsburys with this massive trolley with the car seat on top that you can't see past, and I kept running into people! Lots of people stop me to coo over Chloe too, which is lovely but I was in a rush!

Anyway I eventually got to pick Kirsty up, and we went to Susy's and we had a lovely time, she made us Jacket Tatties for lunch, then we had the jelly tot's and doughnuts that I brought! I met little Boo who is sooo cute and tiny!! (Cocker Spaniel) and I met Gemma, who was lovely and really quiet! (which is apparently not normal! As she normally talks more than Susy!)

Thankyou Kirsty & Susy for a lovely day!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Slow Cooker & Mobile

Well I made our first meal in the slow cooker today, Beef Bourguignon and it was lovely! So easy too, why have I left it so long to try it out?!

My mobile has just died! Arrrrggghh! I can't complain really because it's lasted well, i've had it for 2 and half years and I am a bit clumsy with it! But I hope I haven't lost all my numbers or photo's that I've taken on it! Why didn't I back it up? You would think working in IT, it's the first thing I would have done! Doh! Hopefully Dave will be able to work his magic and get them back for me! Fingers crossed!

This poses the question of which phone to get next, we usually always get Sony Ericsson's but Dave's last 2 have been rubish, and the new version of mine is reported to be rubish too! Do I get the same phone again (K800i) even though its an older model, but a fab phone? Or do I risk an upgrade? Or do I change make's completely?! Hmmm decisions....


Chloe was a little angel and slept all morning which allowed me to do some housework for our visitors coming this afternoon, although what I really wanted to do was some scrapping!

Karen & her mum eventually managed to find us after getting lost! It was lovely to see her we had a good catch up and she brought Chloe a gorgous teddy called Crumble, he is sooo soft!

Silly me didn't take any photos! But here is a piccy of crumble :o)

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

How Cute!

I forgot to upload this photo from the other morning! I just had to run back downstairs for the camera!

BT & Clinic Appointment

Wow what a morning, I got up fed Chloe, then we took Daddy to the Station, I just managed to get a quick shower when the BT man turned up! Luckily I was dressed, he just had to put up with me having wet hair and no makeup!

The good news is, the BT man put a master socket in (which we didn't have!) and he repaired a fault at the junction box, so hopefully that should improve our line. And they won't charge because it is their fault, phew! We didn't want to pay the £190 call out charge and the £99 per hour fix!

Chloe had clinic this afternoon, she is 11lb 5oz and she's 59.5cm long! She is longer than average!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Tired whilst waiting for mummy to have her second GTT at St James hospital!

Its hard work all this waiting round! I wish i could be snuggled up all nice and warm like chloe is!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Scrap Your Day - October

It's the 25th again! It seems to come round really fast!

We had a nice quiet day today, I managed to get a few jobs done, during which look who I found in the bottom of the wardrobe!

I also managed to get this piccy of Missy, which i'm quite pleased with :o)

Later, we had to take Nana to the station to catch her train home, we are going to miss her, we've had a lovely week, and Chloe has really enjoyed all her cuddles!

We went to Nando's for tea after dropping her off, and Chloe wasn't a happy bunny, luckly her cry's couldn't be heard MUCH over the music in Nando's lol

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

First Jabs

Chloe had to go for her first lot of immunisations today, it wasn't nice, not only did she scream the place down, there were tears running down my face too! Even Nana had a tear in her eye too! Anyway because it was a nice day, we walked and Chloe was asleep by the time we got home! But mummy was still traumatised, Daddy can take her for the next lot!

Chloe in the pram on the way to the doctors!

Chloe also hasn't had a poo since last Thursday, and this morning she finally managed to do an explosion, which meant she had to have a bath, then this afternoon she had another explosion, 4 days worth all at once! Daddy bathed her this time and another change of clothes and yet more washing! But we are glad because we were getting a bit worried! Sorry if that's TMI lol

We also got some more smiles, I tried to take a piccy with my mobile, which was a bit difficult as she was lying on me facing the other way! It's not a very good piccy, and please ignore my double chin!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Nana's Visit

Dave picked Nana (his mum) up from Leeds station on Saturday teatime, after he finished work, she had a good trip up from Birmingham. We went out to the local Harvester for lunch yesterday, I love the honeycombe icecream they do, its gorgous! Then we did a bit of shopping. Chloe was really good and slept the whole time!

Today we ventured out for a walk via Tesco's express for a few bits for tea, talk about blow the cobwebs away, it was very windy but quite warm!

I think Nana is enjoying seeing Chloe, I've got some lovely piccys of her holding her, but I can't post them because she doesn't like the idea of her photo on the internet.

And I am actually getting chance to come on my laptop and type with 2 hands! Thanks to Nana! :o)

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Our little Maggot!

Dave thinks she looks like a maggot in this grobag! I've never seen a cute maggot before lol

By the way our bedding doesn't match because madam was sick over the sheet!

Friday, 17 October 2008

GTT - St James Hospital

My day started at 5:30am , I got up to feed Chloe, and by the time I had done that, there was no point going back to bed as we had to be up early to drop Dave off at work and then go onto to the Hospital.

Chloe was a little angel and slept the whole time we were there, 2 hours you have to wait between blood tests! The nurses all loved her! :o)

I have to phone for the results on Monday, fingers crossed!

Right I'm off for a nap before she wakes, I'm shattered!

A couple of piccy's of her in our favourite dress :o)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

My First Chloe Layout!

Well I've given up with my nursery rhyme book for the moment as I'm not getting anywhere! So instead, I created this...

I used the Anna Griffin stuff, which my DH bought me because Vicky (Romi on UKS) suggested it :lol: Thankyou Vicky and Dave! I have created a flap with a pocket, because I want to add the birth story to it as hidden journalling.

Visit to Natalie's & The Slow Cooker Saga

Chloe and I had a lovely time visiting Natalie (Natbag on UKS)in her new home, and cooing over the lovely nursery she has ready for her new baby! Oh and looking at her gorgous layouts and memory box in real life, they look fab!

Well I've wanted a slow cooker for ages, but Dave said there's no need because our microwave can do it, but I wasn't keen on leaving the microwave on all day cooking?!

So on UKS I noticed a post which said that Tesco's were selling a good one for half price, just under a tenner! It would be rude not too... So after visiting Natalie, Chloe and I went to have a look and I bought one!

I decided to hide it when I got home, so Dave wouldn't see it, and then the plan was I would cook something wonderful in it and surprise him.

Unfortunately this didn't go to plan! I bought him a peice of Rocky Road (i think that's what it is called) from Greggs when I got myself a sarnie. He asked me if I had gone into Rothwell, and I said no, Seacroft, so he asked what I went there for, so I said to have a look round Tesco's, he asked what I had bought, and I said I bought Chloe some more vests.. he asked what else I had bought, and I said nothing!

Anyway he can see right through me, I can't lie for toffee and he kept on asking, what else have you bought and eventually I gave in and told him! Then I had to admit I had hidden it in the wardrobe! It was rather funny, maybe more funny if you had been there at the time lol

But I just need to find a fab recipe to try out in it! I might have a go next week when his mum is here. (I'm not the greatest cook) Watch this space....

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Scrap Your Day - September

Well not only have I finished my September pages, I have also managed to complete the cover! WOW that's impressive for me, I bet you are thinking! lol The only thing I have noticed, is that somehow I have an extra page, so in effect I have 13 months DOH! I might scrap Chloe's birthday for the very last page or stick it to the previous page hmmm plenty of time to decide!

My reflection photo's aren't great for September, but I am pleased with the one I took of Chloe reflected in the mirror of her car seat toy.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Trip to Otley

Well near Otley! I went to visit my friend Jenny who had her little boy, Charlie, 5 days after Chloe was born.

What a gorgous place she lives, beautiful views over the countryside! The weather was lovely and sunny making it a really nice drive. We had a right old natter, we met her mad dogs (2 lovely spaniels) and most of all we met gorgous little Charlie!

When I saw her cross stitch in the corner I just knew she was into crafts, sure enough she does cardmaking! And she fancies having a go at scrapbooking, I feel a scrapping day coming on!

We had a lovely time... and I was very pleased I managed to get out, when the motivation hits you have to grab it!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Chloe's first Train Trip

Off we went to Glasshoughton on the train today, to Escape/Junction 32 to buy Daddy a new suit!

The train didn't phase Chloe at all, she slept all the way through it! And through Nando's and the shops and all the way back again!

Chloe with her ticket..

Daddy and Chloe..

Mummy and Chloe in Nando's..

Chloe waiting for the train home..

Saturday, 11 October 2008

LPD Crop & Sad News

Well I made it to the crop albeit a little late! Chloe was really good and slept all afternoon, overall I really enjoyed it, although we received some devasting news during the middle of it.

Unfortunately Susy's husband has died of cancer. (Our Leeds Paper Dolls Friend, Susy's Scraps & MrsRudy on UKS) I'm so sorry for her and her family's loss, but I am glad he isn't suffering anymore, it has all happened so quickly and Susy has been so brave holding her family together. We love you Susy and are here for you.

First Smile

Chloe smiled at us for the first time this morning, first for Daddy then one for Mummy too!

Mummy & Daddy were really excited but she wouldn't do it again!

Friday, 10 October 2008

First Appointment at Clinic

Well Chloe had her first appointment at Swillington Clinic today, and what an impression she managed to make!

She ended up sitting in a huge puddle of poo and wee, which miraculously didn't escape MUCH from the nappy which I had just started to remove! Then I went to get my wipes only to find the container was empty! Arrggghhh!

Anyway, Chloe weighed in at 9lb 14oz, and is now 56.75cm long! She is doing really well and is now above the line on the centile graph instead of below it!

Well I've been browsing Helen's blog(Little Miss Scrapper, Helsbells from UKS)and picked up this which looks interesting, pass the word along...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Scrap Your Day - August

Well here it is, I'm quite pleased with it!

I love my new stencil, (August) It is 'Giggly Letters' from The Crafters Workshop

CIC (Care in the Community)

I had my CIC visit today! Hazel (Hazgizz) & Kirsty (Kirsty262) came to visit! (Leeds Paper Dolls) I managed to hoover and clean the bathroom and go to tescos for choccy and Jelly Tots before they came!

We had a lovely natter, and Hazel managed to get Chloe to sleep, and Kirsty fixed my 'Scrap your Day' book, she punched new holes and bound it for me! They can come again! lol

Chloe slept all afternoon and I managed to get my photo's printed and my August pages done! I'm chuffed to bits! It doesn't look too bad either!

I have used a stencil which I have just bought to do the month title, the idea is that I can use the same style titles all the way through the book, without having to buy lots of stickers or chipboard! I will take a photo of it tomorrow when the light is better!

Dave was a happy bunny today when he got home from work (not saying that he is normally miserable hee hee!) but he had a development meeting for his secondment and they are going to put him on a really good course and they have given him good objectives, so its all looking really good :o)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Chloe's first trip to Cumbria

Well off we went to the lakes, well we went past the lakes to good old Workington on the coast to see Grandma and Grandpa! (My home town) We had a lovely trip over the A66 and chatted all the way cos I didn't fall asleep, very unlike me! But Chloe did thankfully!

On the way over the A66 we passed a Volvo and Dave recognised the registration, it was Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Brenda, I waved like mad and they saw us! It was very funny. Uncle Ronnie popped to see us the next day and the first thing he mentioned was that Dave drives too fast! (He wasn't going that fast, just faster than them!)

The reason we went to Workington was to give my mum and dad their Ruby Wedding present, (19th October) Roanne and David (my sis and brother in law) came up with the idea of booking 'Allo 'Allo and a couple of nights in a hotel which they arranged and we went halve's with. Mum and Dad were very surprised! We had a lovely weekend and it was nice seeing Jason, my nephew and everyone loved seeing Chloe :o)

Annoyingly I forgot to take the camera, when I meantioned it, Dave said he had packed it, but then we realised the battery was still in the charger at home! Typical!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Me time!

Well I finally got some ME time! Chloe fell asleep in the car whilst we took daddy to the train station, so I left her in the car seat and she slept for a few hours, so I finally managed to sort all the washing which has taken over my craft room! AND after being fed over lunch time (yes she managed to wake up just in time for me eating my left over spag bol!) she fell asleep and I put her in her car seat and I managed to make a start on my 'Scrap your day' book! I need some chipboard for the cover as it needs to be 12" wide and all mine are 11", typical and I've discovered I haven't got enough of the crate paper, sweet branch, despite it being a brand new pack!

Here's a sneaky peak...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Scrapping Urge!

Well the urge to do some scrapping is getting greater! I've been surfing people's blogs and UKS getting inspiration and i have loads of ideas floating about in my head! I need to start getting them down on paper before they disappear but thats a bit difficult with a 6 week old baby! She's either feeding or sleeping, but she will only sleep on me!

Maybe I should start putting my ideas on here, it just takes a while typing with one hand! I'm looking forwards to starting my pages for Shimelles 'scrap your day' challenge, maybe I should at least decide which photo's to use...