Thursday, 9 October 2008

CIC (Care in the Community)

I had my CIC visit today! Hazel (Hazgizz) & Kirsty (Kirsty262) came to visit! (Leeds Paper Dolls) I managed to hoover and clean the bathroom and go to tescos for choccy and Jelly Tots before they came!

We had a lovely natter, and Hazel managed to get Chloe to sleep, and Kirsty fixed my 'Scrap your Day' book, she punched new holes and bound it for me! They can come again! lol

Chloe slept all afternoon and I managed to get my photo's printed and my August pages done! I'm chuffed to bits! It doesn't look too bad either!

I have used a stencil which I have just bought to do the month title, the idea is that I can use the same style titles all the way through the book, without having to buy lots of stickers or chipboard! I will take a photo of it tomorrow when the light is better!

Dave was a happy bunny today when he got home from work (not saying that he is normally miserable hee hee!) but he had a development meeting for his secondment and they are going to put him on a really good course and they have given him good objectives, so its all looking really good :o)

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