Tuesday, 25 November 2008

25th - Scrap Your Day!

Well the 25th seems to come round really fast! Chloe and I had a very busy day, Millie (a neighbour) looked after her in the morning whilst I went for my smear test (it's 8 years since I last had one!) :oO I took pictures of the doctors but I definately wasn't going to take pictures of the actual test lol

When I got home I could hear a pitiful meow! Missy had got locked in our bedroom! When I opened the door she shot out like a bullet!!

Missy feeling sorry for herself!

Then in the afternoon, I left Chloe with Joan our lovely neighbours behind us, whilst John took me to pick our car up from it's MOT!

I had to explain to them all why I needed to take photo's of them!

This evening, Dave went out for a curry with the guys from work and me and Chloe went to pick him up, Richard and Paul waited with him so they could see me and Chloe which was really nice :o)

How much did you drink?

Part of today's 'Scrap Your Day' challenge was to take self portrait's of myself, well this definately prooved to be a big challenge, I must admit 100's of photo's later and I am lucky if I have one I can use! (Is my nose really that big?) :oO

Here are a couple of piccys, the best of a bad lot!

I even managed to get my AMOP CJ entry done! I've hidden it just incase the owner takes a peek on my blog!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Health Visitor

Sue our Health Visitor has been today and Chloe is growing fast!

She is now 12lb 8oz and is 61.5cm long!

She is really pleased with how she is doing and is impressed that I am still breast feeding her! :o)


I was ill on monday, Dave had to come home from work to look after Chloe, I thought I had a bit of sickness & diarreah, which went off after a couple of hours and just left me feeling washed out.

Then on Tuesday, I had a really good morning, Millie my neighbour had Chloe for a couple of hours, so I had a lovely long shower and pamper, did a bit of tidying up ect. Then went to get her back, fed her and got ready for taking her to get her jabs. On the way round to the doctors the ill feeling came on again and I had to turn round and come home! I left her asleep in her pram whilst I was ill, I didn't know where to put myself, thought I was going to be sick again, hot/cold clammy and a pain on the left side just around the top of my hip. I texted Dave who couldn't come home, so he phoned our other neighbours, John and Joan, who are wonderful, Joan came round to get Chloe, she made me call the doctors and get someone to come out to see me.

The doctor was really nice, she took a urine sample with her, and called me back later, there was blood in it and white cells, which indicates infection so hopefully antibiotics will work, if they don't it could be kidney stones!!!

Dave also phoned my mum and dad, and they had to drive down from cumbria! Dad went home yesterday and has left my mum for a few days.

I haven't had another episode thankfully, but I am feeling really tired and all my energy has been sapped, but I feel alot better than I did!

But its good having my mum here and she is enjoying seeing Chloe :o)

Look what Chloe has got while Daddy is at work! hee hee

I just need to teach her how to get star trek on now! LOL

I feel a layout coming on! Well when I am feeling better ..

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Smiling Video
Originally uploaded by D, T and C's Pics
Our little Chloe , this is her reaction to Daddy making silly noises at her!

More piccys of Chloe on her lovely play mat, made by Grandma..

Chloe slept through!

Chloe slept from midnight to 6am, I popped her dummy in her mouth and went to the loo, when I got back she was fast asleep and didn't wake up until 9am!

The crib Chloe is sleeping in is gorgous, it's 73 years old. My Auntie Vicky was in it first, then my mum, then Mum's cousin, Norma, then Alison & Robert, Auntie Vicky's children (my cousins) then me and Roanne (my sister), then Jason (my nephew) and finally Chloe. I'm not sure if my cousins were also in it, will have to check that too!

Chloe asleep in her crib...

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Chloe's first swim session

When I finally managed to get my act together, off we went to Kippax Leisure Centre for Chloe's first swimming session.

It was a bit chilly (31 degrees) but once she got used to it, she was OK and had a good look around and moved her legs a little.

Chloe in her cozzie...

All tired out and fast asleep by the time we got home ...

Did you have to wake me up mummy?

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Look what Daddy has bought for Chloe!

Look Mummy & Daddy, I'm all grown up now cos I've got my own chair!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Leeds Paper Dolls Crop

I had another lovely day at the crop, I managed to get my CJ finished in time and also got my photo's stuck into my 'Scrap Your Day' book for October, it just needs a few embellishments and the journalling done. Chloe wasn't happy in the morning but fell asleep so I managed a good few hours and she got lots of cuddles from Auntie Jane and Auntie Lesley.

I forgot to take photo's of my CJ! Ali is going to take some for me, so I will upload them once she has sent them to me.

I've been given Marie's CJ to do and it looks really hard! Its a wall hanging, I hope I can do it!

Monday, 3 November 2008


Well I can't believe it, I actually managed to find time to do some scrapping today! I've started the cover for a a new CJ I am doing, The Leeds Paper Dolls, AMOP CJ (all my own photo's circle journal).

The idea is that I send the photo's of Chloe with my CJ and everyone scraps a picture of her in my book, and obviously I scrap other peoples pictures in their CJ's.

I am really excited about it, I am going to do a picture of Chloe from each month of her first year! And my cover looks quite cute, I'm really pleased with it! It's a shame I can't show you but I don't want it to spoil the surprise for the LPD's!

I just need to finish it off and do my first layout for it!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Halloween DLO

Well whilst Daddy is busy at work, Mummy has been playing with her lovely 'My Minds Eye' Halloween Papers!