Monday, 3 November 2008


Well I can't believe it, I actually managed to find time to do some scrapping today! I've started the cover for a a new CJ I am doing, The Leeds Paper Dolls, AMOP CJ (all my own photo's circle journal).

The idea is that I send the photo's of Chloe with my CJ and everyone scraps a picture of her in my book, and obviously I scrap other peoples pictures in their CJ's.

I am really excited about it, I am going to do a picture of Chloe from each month of her first year! And my cover looks quite cute, I'm really pleased with it! It's a shame I can't show you but I don't want it to spoil the surprise for the LPD's!

I just need to finish it off and do my first layout for it!

1 comment:

Jenga said...

Like the AMOP idea - I hate cj's though!!!

Argh I just forgot I am not talking to you TREKKY!!! LOL