Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My baby is 1 Year old!

Where did that time go? I am now back at work, Grandma & Grandpa have been down for a week looking after Chloe and then Nanny has been for 2 weeks to look after her whilst I am back at work.

The first day back was a real wrench, Dave was off sick so I was on the train on my own, trying to hide my tears! It's gotton a bit easier thankfully, but I was so excited when 4pm came, I almost ran to the train station!

On Chloe's actual birthday, we had a little cake and opened her pressies, she loved it! Then at the weekend we had a party for her, with all her grandparents and some of our neighbours dropped in.

I didn't get great photo's unfortunately, I am hoping Dave got some better ones!

more to follow.. eventually!