Sunday, 6 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas

Since I haven't scrapped for ages, I've decided to sign up to Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas this year. I did a similar thing last year but I did my own thing, so this year I decided to have a go at following Shimelle's prompts.

Anyway, I have made the book and I have managed to complete my first page, but I am now behind with pages 2,3,4,5 & 6! I need to get cracking, I decided to blog about it to try to encourage me to get a move on!

Anyway, 2 days later and it's not working so far!

We put our tree up last night!

Then surprised Chloe with it when we came down stairs this morning, we think she is impressed!

Our carefully placed baubles are now all over the living room floor! (it's a good job they are shatterproof!)

Monday, 30 November 2009

Dad's 60th Birthday

We went up to wet old Workington to spend the weekend at my parents for my Dad's 60th Birthday, which isn't actually till the 1st December. Now I say wet, because it is often wet up in Cumbria but poor old Workington was affected by floods the previous week, not quite like neighbouring town Cockermouth. The bridge connecting Northside to Workington was washed away and a policeman, Bill Barker who was stopping traffic going onto it died, then the bridge connecting Seaton & Northside to Workington was also in danger of collapse so Seaton was also cut off. It means people have a 40 mile round trip I believe to get to the other side! Anyway I am sure everyone has seen it on the news, but it is weird watching your home town on TV!

Well when we went up, we didn't see that much you could see the river Derwent was flooded, but we didn't go anywhere near to the affected areas and everything else looked like normal! We bumped into some friends of my parents who it turns out was related to the policeman, apparently he had a lovely funeral, but obviously they were still pretty upset. This makes it more real when you speak to people who know him.

Well we had a fab weekend with my Mum & Dad, sister Roanne, her husband David & my gorgous nephew Jason. We went out for a meal at the local pub/restaurant 'The Briery' which was really nice, I didn't take many photo's, not like me at all, but I was too busy enjoying myself! I bumped into a couple of old friends in the pub who I haven't seen for years, which was really nice.

Anyway I will try and get some photo's found, especially cos Chloe has this gorgous dress on!

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! :o)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Back at Work

Well where has those couple of months gone?

It's been a bit mad, Chloe has settled into nursery, she had a couple of bad weeks, but we think she maybe wasn't too well in hind sight. But she loves nursery now! It's hard being back at work, especially full time, I miss her loads, yet I am enjoying being back at work!

We have had a right load of illness, we had to take Chloe into ST James cos she had a temp of 42 and it turned out she had the early signs of Pneumonia! I had to take a couple of days off work to look after her. She had course of antibiotics, which sorted her out.

Then on the Wednesday I went back to work, i started to feel poorly, and in quite a lot of pain, Dave wanted to call an ambulance and I said don't be silly! So we started to walk up to the drop in centre, I only made it to the station and Dave said we'll get a taxi, so he went to get some money, in the meantime I started to be sick, so I went to the loo and the stupid woman wanted 30p or I should go outside! She eventually let me in when I was about to be sick where i was standing, I ended up being ill in the loo's then sorta collapsed on the floor, I could hear Dave argueing with the woman outside who still wanted her 30p and wouldnt let him in to check on me, eventually he was allowed in with a H&S person who then called an ambulance when they found me in a heap on the floor!

So off we went to St James in an ambulance, they gave me some good stuff, made the pain ease really quickly, then at the hospital a woman in A&E recognised me from being in with Chloe and said 'Is it you this time?' lol

Anyway the doctors thought it was Gastroenteritis or something to do with my kidneys, after lying there for several hours, I decided the symptoms were the same as when I was ill with my water infection, only alot worse. They sent me home with antibiotics for a water infection.

That afternoon we were supposed to be going to Birmingham cos Dave was working down there for a few days and I had taken leave to go and see a few of my old friends, we decided to still go so Dave's mum could look after me and Chloe. Unfortunately I had to cancel all my visits, I was gutted :o( It was nice being at Birmingham, Nanny enjoyed seeing Chloe and Uncle Richard even took her to visit his work mates!

Anyway, I'm feeling loads better now, still haven't found out what was wrong but I am still going for tests.

Dave's been poorly too, he had a severe headache for several days, which was worrying but it has finally gone away thankfully!

We had a visit up to Cumbria too, was lovely seeing my Mum and Dad, Roanne, David and Jason! We had a fab weekend and Dave finally got to see Roanne & David's house, even if he did have to invite himself lol Chloe loved playing in their garden especially on the slide! Grandma and Grandpa had been busy, Grandma had knitted Chloe a fab little Monkey and a lovely shawl, and Grandpa has made Chloe a gorgous wooden advent calendar! I've just got to decorate it now! :oO

We do have to be careful where we place his tail lol

How gorgous are they? Thankyou Grandma & Grandpa!

What else have we been upto? We have been looking for a new car, found one we loved only to find loads of bad reviews on the internet of how unreliable it is! Lucky escape I guess, so back to looking!

We went out for lunch today with Dave's pal Ian, it was like being with 2 Victor Meldrew's!!! I wish Claire (Ian's wife) had been with us! It was a lovely meal though!

Hmmm I think that's it for now!! Not scrapped for ages :o( Not good!

I will leave you with some photo's hopefully! Oh and it's Chloe's Halloween party at nursery tomorrow, will try and post some photo's of her tomorrow xx

Cosy & ready for bed after bathtime!

A gorgous all in one from Nanny! Thankyou! & Sitting on her birthday pressy!

Chloe's favourite toy! She can put all the shapes in herself when it suits her! (apart from the heart)

My favourite photo's, I have them in a frame on my desk at work! (They make me smile everytime I look at them!) <3

All the pictures are from September, I haven't taken any this month! I have 3 days to recify that! lol

Wow, a marathon blog, thankyou for reading! (if you haven't given up by now lol)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My baby is 1 Year old!

Where did that time go? I am now back at work, Grandma & Grandpa have been down for a week looking after Chloe and then Nanny has been for 2 weeks to look after her whilst I am back at work.

The first day back was a real wrench, Dave was off sick so I was on the train on my own, trying to hide my tears! It's gotton a bit easier thankfully, but I was so excited when 4pm came, I almost ran to the train station!

On Chloe's actual birthday, we had a little cake and opened her pressies, she loved it! Then at the weekend we had a party for her, with all her grandparents and some of our neighbours dropped in.

I didn't get great photo's unfortunately, I am hoping Dave got some better ones!

more to follow.. eventually!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Chloe Walking
Originally uploaded by D, T and C's Pics
I took this yesterday at our neighbours house, with my mobile phone.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Me Time & LGI

I was awake at 6.30am this morning, and whilst Chloe and Dave slept, I did some scrapping!

I love this photo of Chloe and Jason (Chloe's cousin) and this layout has been mulling around my head for a little while now. (Most of the time I was poorly!)

I hope you like it.

We had an unexpected trip to the LGI (Leeds General Infirmary) this afternoon, Chloe had a high temperature, and she was getting hotter and hotter, so we called the emergency doctors, and they said they wouldn't be able to call us back until tomorrow due to all the swine flu calls!!! I said I can't wait till tomorrow, that's ridiculous for a baby! So we took her to LGI walk in centre instead, they treated us as if we had swine flu and we had to put masks on! It turned out she has an ear infection, so they gave her some ibruprofen and antibiotics and a prescription for ear drops. Her temperature has come down loads now thankfully and she is alot happier!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Another Year Older & my Curly Tail!

OMG another year older, where did that go? I had a lovely birthday, I got some lovely cards and gorgous presents, thankyou everyone!

I spent the day at my local crop, I had a lovely day and managed to get my 'Scrap Your Day' book up to date but I was in trouble because I never mentioned it was my birthday! Ooops! (I told you I was quite shy sometimes, not that anyone believes me!)

It's been a rough few weeks, I have been quite poorly and I phoned the doctors, and they decided to treat me for Swine flu! :oO I was pretty shocked, but I had most of the symptoms so it was quite possible, but they don't test for it anymore, they just give you tami flu. Well once I told Dave, he mentioned it at work and promptly got sent home to work from home, I was in quarantine, not allowed to leave the house, not that I felt well enough to go anywhere! I have had alot of ribbing about my curly tail! (You know who you are!) oink oink!

The tablets seemed to work quite well, as I was feeling loads better and I felt great on Saturday which was my birthday, then Sunday it hit me like a ton of bricks again, I felt really bad, but it was more like an extremely bad cold and my head was all blocked up. So I have been on different antibiotics this week, I don't feel like they have helped much at all, but I am slowly starting to feel better now thankfully!

While I was busy scrapping at my Crop, my husband Dave took this gorgous picture of Chloe!

Friday, 3 July 2009

How to keep cool in this hot weather..

Jump in my new paddling pool!

Hope you like them, just remind my Mummy not to put me in the paddling pool with no swim suit on!

Here's some piccys of me standing up by myself, it was the first time I managed to do it, and luckily Mummy had the camera ready!

Chloe xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I've managed to do some scrapbooking!

Well, not only have I posted twice now in just a couple of days after you thought you had peace and quiet from me, I've managed to complete a layout! Don't faint!

I got this inspiration for this layout from my friend Helen, (Little Miss Scrapper) who challenged me to do a layout a week, I've no idea how far behind I am now! But I've been documenting Chloe's progress each month in a spreadsheet with the intention of turning them into layouts, and this is my first one!

I have been getting a bit hung up about the way my layout's look, which is holding me back and as I wanted this one to be about the journalling, I decided just to stick the papers on and see how it ended up, and it's turned out OK I think!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

T.U.B. & Our New Kitchen!

Totally Useless Blogger! I'm stealing Rach's title for this, sorry I have been AWOL for a while, life has been pretty hectic! So here's a quick catch up!

We have a new kitchen yipppee!!! Chloe and I escaped to my parents house in Cumbria for a couple of weeks while most of the work was done and it's now all finished apart from the painting, and we have a new back door which is truly life changing! Who would have thought a back door would make such a difference! Well it has, and I love it! I don't know how we have managed without one for so long!

Some before photo's, unfortunately we didn't take photo's before we started emptying it!

Beside the cooker, we had our washing machine, then a small fridge freezer sat beside the sink, so we had a corner which was empty where we had our bin and mop and bucket ect. It was a nightmare cooking because you had to walk across the kitchen with hot pan's ect and navigate around the table that we had in the middle.

Some photo's of what it looks like now..

Well it's nearly done, still needs a bit more painting and we are waiting for our blinds to be fitted.

Our little angel is growing up fast, she is now 10 months old, where has that time gone? She actually took a couple of steps the day before her 10 month birthday!!! Scary! And she has got 4 teeth with more on the way judging by her white gums.

Chloe & Daddy

Look at me!

Poor old Missy!

It's hard work eating a sandwich!

My scrapping mojo had completely disappeared, but I managed to do the first bit of scrapping on friday that I've done for ages! It was 2 CJ's entry's, so I am now ontop of my Leeds Paper Dolls CJ, just need to catch up with my Bumps & Babe's CJ. Sorry I can't show you, as the owners might read my blog! Maybe I will finally get some time & mojo to do some scrapping for myself!

Anyway, I will try and not leave it so long to blog next time!