Friday, 17 July 2009

Another Year Older & my Curly Tail!

OMG another year older, where did that go? I had a lovely birthday, I got some lovely cards and gorgous presents, thankyou everyone!

I spent the day at my local crop, I had a lovely day and managed to get my 'Scrap Your Day' book up to date but I was in trouble because I never mentioned it was my birthday! Ooops! (I told you I was quite shy sometimes, not that anyone believes me!)

It's been a rough few weeks, I have been quite poorly and I phoned the doctors, and they decided to treat me for Swine flu! :oO I was pretty shocked, but I had most of the symptoms so it was quite possible, but they don't test for it anymore, they just give you tami flu. Well once I told Dave, he mentioned it at work and promptly got sent home to work from home, I was in quarantine, not allowed to leave the house, not that I felt well enough to go anywhere! I have had alot of ribbing about my curly tail! (You know who you are!) oink oink!

The tablets seemed to work quite well, as I was feeling loads better and I felt great on Saturday which was my birthday, then Sunday it hit me like a ton of bricks again, I felt really bad, but it was more like an extremely bad cold and my head was all blocked up. So I have been on different antibiotics this week, I don't feel like they have helped much at all, but I am slowly starting to feel better now thankfully!

While I was busy scrapping at my Crop, my husband Dave took this gorgous picture of Chloe!


kathj said...

oh my god she is stunning

Jenga said...

Gorgeous pic of Chloe :) Hope you are over the curly tail syndrome!!