Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Well reflecting on my new years resolutions for last year, I didn't do very well on acheiving them!

My New Years resolutions for last year were..

1. Do more layouts! (Achieved! Double the previous years!)
2. Get upto date with my scrap projects. (Failed, I am even more behind!)
3. Lose weight (Like I haven't said that before) (Ongoing, I've lost a stone but I need to lose loads more!)
4. Eat healthier meals. (Ongoing, still eating too many bad ones too!)
5. Do more exercise. (Failed! I do absolutely no exercise at all!)
6. Keep the house clean and tidy. (Failed! The house is a mess as usual!)

My new years resolutions for this coming year are...

1. Do more layouts!
2. Get upto date with my scrap projects.
3. Lose weight
4. Eat healthier meals.
5. Do more exercise.
6. Keep the house clean and tidy.

lol, I can't think of any new ones!

Ooooh hang on...

7. Be more organised!
8. Take more photo's of my gorgous daughter! (I haven't taken as many since I went back to work!)

Also at the begining of the year to help acheive my create more layouts resolution, I took up my friend Helen's challenge to create a layout every week, which started off quite well, then I failed miserably! But I did manage 20 which was a big improvement over last year and at least this time I could actually choose my 10 favourite Layouts! So here they are...

Thanks Helen! :o)

As I seem to be in a list making mood, here are the projects I am behind on which I intend on catching up on this year!

1. JYC 2009 (Journal Your Christmas)
2. JYC 2008 (Yep I haven't even finished that one either!)
3. Scrap Your Day
4. BOM (A - Z Book of Me)
5. Just Us (A mini book of piccys of me and Dave)

I think that's it!

A couple of new projects for this year, I want to create an album for my friend who will be 40 this year and we have been friends since we were 8 years old. Also I have been asked to create a wedding sign in book for Chloe's nursery nurse, which I am already finding scary as I am not very good at doing things for other people!

Another new years resolution....

9. Don't take on any more projects until I get some completed! lol

Happy New Year again, I hope everyone has a good 2010!