Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hazel's Challenge

Well my mate Hazel (Hazgizz on UKS) challenged me to do a layout in purple and red and within 6 hours! (which for anyone who knows my scrapping speed, it was no easy task!)

Anyway after alot of stress, I managed it and here is the result!

I'm quite pleased with it! Thankyou Hazel!

The Journalling reads:

Thankyou for your little presents that you bring home BUT I hate it when you behave like a cat, but you are only being you! I love you Missy.

She has only just started doing this, a few people have said their cat's did this when they were pregnant too! I am still going to get a bell for her collar tho!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Auntie Brenda & Uncle Ronnie

17 months after moving house, we finally got round to inviting Auntie Brenda and Uncle Ronnie over to visit us!

We took them out for lunch to save cooking then Uncle Ronnie beat us to the bill! Naughty but thankyou very much. Thankyou for the beautiful peace lilly too!

We had a lovely afternoon and sat in the garden for a little while afterwards in the red hot sunshine!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

St James

Well another scan and diabetic appointment today!

My new consultant did the scan and she was very good, explaining lots to us and baby is doing well, its back within the scale that it should be! The computer print out reckons it is 6lb 9oz too!! We also think the consultant knows what sex the baby is, she gave the indication that there was a clue, but we both missed it! Dave was upset!

We got a scan piccy but it's not great because its more difficult to get scans now the baby is bigger!

The diabetic doctor was concerned about my high results, so they have given me a new machine just incase! And I have to go back next week!

We then had to wait around for the parent craft class, which was all about breast feeding, it did seem to go on for ages and was pretty boring! Although it was still worth it as we learnt a few things!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

High Blood Sugar

Had a bit of a shock after breakfast today, my blood sugar was really high! 17. 8!!!

Its not supposed to go over 7.5!

And I've had the same for breakfast nearly everyday for the past week! I was a bit upset, but I did a test just before lunch and it was back down to 5.2! PHEW

How mad is that?

Saturday, 19 July 2008


We got our pram today! :o)
Well my mum & dad are buying it, thankyou!

Unfortunately the Butterscotch one we wanted they don't do any more, but the caramel one is still nice and it's cheaper!

Our lovely kind neighbours, John & Joan are looking after it for us.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Center Parc's - Cumbria

Dave took me away to Center Parc's for my birthday, it's the first time we have been and it's beautiful, so peaceful and relaxing!

Then on the Sunday, he surprised me by inviting Mum, Dad, Roanne, David and Jason up for the day! We had a lovely time, bowling, swimming, playing tennis (well I didn't play tennis lol) :o)

Back home on Monday after a spot of swimming and relaxing in the pool, I slept all the way home! (nothing new there then!)

Thankyou for all my lovely cards and presents everyone, and I got a lovely silver necklace from Dave and I got some money and scrapbooking stash and a quillow from my mum and dad.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Diabetes Clinic

I've been to the hospital today and the tablets are working, so i don't have to go on insulin as long as it stays good, next appt in 2 weeks! (i'm gonna offer to do some work for them as I spend so much time there!)

I met the new consultant I am under and she seemed very nice :o)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Consultant Appointment & Scan

Well another trip to St James, had a scan at the Fetal Assesment Unit, when I saw the doctor it turns out they hadn't checked for the blood flow in the baby's brain, they had just looked at the diabetes. So the consultant came and did another scan! Everything was OK thankfully :o)

She has passed me onto the diabetic clinic consultant, as she said there's no need to see both of them, I was a bit nervous about this as I really liked her and the fact she knows all about my blood disorder, but she said the consultant was very good, so fingers crossed.

Off to the diabetic clinic tomorrow, at least I won't have to go twice in one week from now on!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Baby Feeding Chair

I'm really excited, I found the baby feeding chair which we have seen in lots of shops but it was too expensive, and it was £100 cheaper! So Daves ordered it along with a sterilizer and a nappy bin!

The other good news although I am absolutely drained, I haven't had any side effects today and my blood sugar seems to be in check so tomorrow I will be going onto taking 2 tablets a day. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Diabetes Tablets

Well I have had to go to hopsital and get the tablets, Metformin, I have to take them one every morning with breaky for 3 days then go onto twice a day.

So far I have only taken one and its made me pretty poorly feeling sick and having diarreah, which are the side effects. If this continues then I will have to go onto insulin :o(