Thursday, 24 July 2008

St James

Well another scan and diabetic appointment today!

My new consultant did the scan and she was very good, explaining lots to us and baby is doing well, its back within the scale that it should be! The computer print out reckons it is 6lb 9oz too!! We also think the consultant knows what sex the baby is, she gave the indication that there was a clue, but we both missed it! Dave was upset!

We got a scan piccy but it's not great because its more difficult to get scans now the baby is bigger!

The diabetic doctor was concerned about my high results, so they have given me a new machine just incase! And I have to go back next week!

We then had to wait around for the parent craft class, which was all about breast feeding, it did seem to go on for ages and was pretty boring! Although it was still worth it as we learnt a few things!

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