Monday, 29 March 2010


Yes, I can hear you all gasp! I have done a layout, I should have really been tidying/cleaning but instead I decided to play!

I was struggling at first, it seems like most people I know have a style and looking through my scrapbooks, I can't see one and I want one! lol

Anyway, here is what the result was,

hmmm it probably looks better sideways! I can't get it to turn round!

Well what do you think? I'm quite pleased with it in the end! And I used my ribber which I got with Lou's class at the Sarah's cards retreat! I have inked the edges of the strip and I have lightly gone over the top, so just the raised ribbed part has caught the colour, I love it :o)

I have also never really scrapped about 'things' before, but I just love these boots and I wanted to record how I spent months agonising over spending the money and whether they would be worth it! They are so comfy, I love them, have I told you that already?!

I have also been asked to do a Wedding Guest book for Chloe's Key worker at Nursery, I have a vague vision in my head of how it should look and I have made a start on it but it's nothing like how I intended it to be. In fact it's quite simple, instead of the layered thing I imagined, now is that a good thing? Or is it more about my confidence in scrapping? Probably the latter!

Anyway, I have a few more layout idea's floating about in my head, lets see how they turn out but I need to get my crafting room sorted out first!

Thanks for reading my wafflings :o)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Easter Parade

Emma at nursery said that if we come to the Easter parade we must wear Easter bonnets, hmmm well not quite a bonnet, but will a head band do?

Chloe didn't seem that impressed!

Hmmm can't think why?! (embarrasing parents already!)

Off we trotted...

Lets try Mummy's head band...

Ooops it's too big!

Chloe and Daddy <3

Chloe and Mummy taking a well deserved break!

It was a fab morning :o)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pig Tails

I have been waiting for ages for Chloe's hair to grow and finally, I could manage to get it into these little pig tails!

Thank you again for the lovely cardigan Hazel <3

More piggy tails...

I haven't quite got the hang of them yet,

but it doesn't help that she won't stay still when I am trying to get them in!

Then 5 mins later...

Don't take them out!!!

Too late!

Yes, don't be shocked, I have made a card! Actually its my second of late, I did a mothers day card but forgot to take a piccy of it! But it's similar to this one which I did for my friend Hayley.

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Nothing special but I am quite proud cos I have been unable to make cards for ages now, I think that new butterfly punch has given me some mojo! (any excuse to use it!)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Noro Virus & Rota Virus & A Retreat

Well my last post was the 2nd of January, and it is now March! Where has that time gone? I am trying to think what we have been upto but I have no idea?!

I'm sure it will come back to me soon! Maybe lol

Anyway these last few weeks have been a bit of nightmare, poor little Chloe has been really poorly with not just one virus but 2 virus's! She has had noro virus and rota virus at the same time. She was sent home from nursery as she had diarreah and had 8 nappy changes in 2 hours, including 2 changes of clothes! (she now holds the record at nursery!) That evening the vomiting started, it was awful, this time I ended up having 4 changes of clothes too! Poor little thing, we bathed her then we took her to the emergency doctors because she wasn't drinking, they gave us some Dioralyte for her and said she was OK and wasn't dehydrated.

She has been up and down all week, Nanny has been looking after her and it's not been an easy time. (Thank you so much for coming up at the drop of a hat to look after her, you are wonderful! <3 ) Chloe was showing improvement towards the end of the week, but then on Friday morning she seemed quite bad again, she was lying on the sofa with the corners of her mouth turned right down, with her eyes shut and every now and again letting out a little cry :o( it was awful! Of course this was the day I was due to go to Sarah's cards retreat in Warrington, I got her to the doctors later in the morning, and typically she was fine! Running round like nothing had been wrong!

I was very relieved and off to the retreat I went, I did cry on the train on the way to Manchester though! Anyway at Manchester airport I went to where I was meeting Helen and I spotted a strange woman with a massive green tote, it was Cathu! We waited for Helen who had been circling outside while we were too busy chatting! Thanks for picking us up Helen! It made things alot easier :o)

The retreat was fab, I loved all the classes, the kits were lovely and we got loads in them! It was great catching up with everyone, Helen, Cath, Rachel, Lou, Susy, Ali, Gwyneth, Jane and finally meeting Jane's mum! And it was lovely seeing Jen on Friday night, wish you could have stayed!

I still can't stop laughing about Ali popping out at the dining table!

Here are some of the classes:

First my favourite, Bumping Along, which was by the lovely Lou (Louise Stephenson)

We got a paper ribber as part of that kit!

Another Level, by Rachael Elliott

The next two are Double the fun by Sarah Palmer

UFO's (Unfinished Objects! (I can't help myself giving you a peek!!)

Beyond the Page by Jen Naulls

This one is no where near finished as I didn't have the right photo, so only a little peek,

Tree of Life by Lianne Mawer

We got the stencil in this one!

The last class, I haven't even started because it was on Sunday morning and I came down with diarreah! Dave had to come and pick me up from Warrington, I couldn't have managed to come home on the train.

Unfortunately I have been ill since but on the plus side, I have lost 4lbs! lol

Thanks Sarah & Lianne for a fab retreat and for being so lovely when I was poorly <3

And thanks Helen and Cath for being such good company, looking after me and for bringing a goodie bag filled with choccy and my lovely bath bomb! <3