Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pig Tails

I have been waiting for ages for Chloe's hair to grow and finally, I could manage to get it into these little pig tails!

Thank you again for the lovely cardigan Hazel <3

More piggy tails...

I haven't quite got the hang of them yet,

but it doesn't help that she won't stay still when I am trying to get them in!

Then 5 mins later...

Don't take them out!!!

Too late!

Yes, don't be shocked, I have made a card! Actually its my second of late, I did a mothers day card but forgot to take a piccy of it! But it's similar to this one which I did for my friend Hayley.

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Nothing special but I am quite proud cos I have been unable to make cards for ages now, I think that new butterfly punch has given me some mojo! (any excuse to use it!)


Jenga said...

Oh so cute piggy tails!!!! :D

Cath said...

Love those photos of Chloe's pigtails. I don't even have time to grab the camera off the side before Caitlin has hers out!