Monday, 29 March 2010


Yes, I can hear you all gasp! I have done a layout, I should have really been tidying/cleaning but instead I decided to play!

I was struggling at first, it seems like most people I know have a style and looking through my scrapbooks, I can't see one and I want one! lol

Anyway, here is what the result was,

hmmm it probably looks better sideways! I can't get it to turn round!

Well what do you think? I'm quite pleased with it in the end! And I used my ribber which I got with Lou's class at the Sarah's cards retreat! I have inked the edges of the strip and I have lightly gone over the top, so just the raised ribbed part has caught the colour, I love it :o)

I have also never really scrapped about 'things' before, but I just love these boots and I wanted to record how I spent months agonising over spending the money and whether they would be worth it! They are so comfy, I love them, have I told you that already?!

I have also been asked to do a Wedding Guest book for Chloe's Key worker at Nursery, I have a vague vision in my head of how it should look and I have made a start on it but it's nothing like how I intended it to be. In fact it's quite simple, instead of the layered thing I imagined, now is that a good thing? Or is it more about my confidence in scrapping? Probably the latter!

Anyway, I have a few more layout idea's floating about in my head, lets see how they turn out but I need to get my crafting room sorted out first!

Thanks for reading my wafflings :o)


Jenga said...

Lovely LO :) Maybe your style is eclectic??? ;)

Trina said...

Messy more like lol

Lou said...

Oooh Trina, love the LO. Beautiful colours and papers! x

Cath said...

Love this LO, Trina :)

I'm sure I've got these PPs somewhere but can't for the life of me think where or what they are...!

Uma said...

lovely - fab ribbing :)