Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My baby is 1 Year old!

Where did that time go? I am now back at work, Grandma & Grandpa have been down for a week looking after Chloe and then Nanny has been for 2 weeks to look after her whilst I am back at work.

The first day back was a real wrench, Dave was off sick so I was on the train on my own, trying to hide my tears! It's gotton a bit easier thankfully, but I was so excited when 4pm came, I almost ran to the train station!

On Chloe's actual birthday, we had a little cake and opened her pressies, she loved it! Then at the weekend we had a party for her, with all her grandparents and some of our neighbours dropped in.

I didn't get great photo's unfortunately, I am hoping Dave got some better ones!

more to follow.. eventually!


Jenga said...

Awww cute piccies - not sure why this post has only just appeared on my blog roll??

Trina said...

cos i've only just posted it lol

Helsbells said...

Awww, she looks so beautiful in that pretty dress!

Hope you're okay hun, I've missed seeing you around recently. I know it's hard when you go back to work, trying to fit everything in but things do settle down (well, sort of!).

You know where I am if you fancy a chat/catch up xxx

kathj said...

oh she is so big now, I love her dress