Monday, 30 November 2009

Dad's 60th Birthday

We went up to wet old Workington to spend the weekend at my parents for my Dad's 60th Birthday, which isn't actually till the 1st December. Now I say wet, because it is often wet up in Cumbria but poor old Workington was affected by floods the previous week, not quite like neighbouring town Cockermouth. The bridge connecting Northside to Workington was washed away and a policeman, Bill Barker who was stopping traffic going onto it died, then the bridge connecting Seaton & Northside to Workington was also in danger of collapse so Seaton was also cut off. It means people have a 40 mile round trip I believe to get to the other side! Anyway I am sure everyone has seen it on the news, but it is weird watching your home town on TV!

Well when we went up, we didn't see that much you could see the river Derwent was flooded, but we didn't go anywhere near to the affected areas and everything else looked like normal! We bumped into some friends of my parents who it turns out was related to the policeman, apparently he had a lovely funeral, but obviously they were still pretty upset. This makes it more real when you speak to people who know him.

Well we had a fab weekend with my Mum & Dad, sister Roanne, her husband David & my gorgous nephew Jason. We went out for a meal at the local pub/restaurant 'The Briery' which was really nice, I didn't take many photo's, not like me at all, but I was too busy enjoying myself! I bumped into a couple of old friends in the pub who I haven't seen for years, which was really nice.

Anyway I will try and get some photo's found, especially cos Chloe has this gorgous dress on!

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! :o)

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