Sunday, 6 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas

Since I haven't scrapped for ages, I've decided to sign up to Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas this year. I did a similar thing last year but I did my own thing, so this year I decided to have a go at following Shimelle's prompts.

Anyway, I have made the book and I have managed to complete my first page, but I am now behind with pages 2,3,4,5 & 6! I need to get cracking, I decided to blog about it to try to encourage me to get a move on!

Anyway, 2 days later and it's not working so far!

We put our tree up last night!

Then surprised Chloe with it when we came down stairs this morning, we think she is impressed!

Our carefully placed baubles are now all over the living room floor! (it's a good job they are shatterproof!)


Lou said...

Love the tree Trina! Maybe we can do a bit of JYCing together on Saturday to help you catch up? I'm loving doing it and it'd be good to have a fellow LPDer doing it too! :)

{s}crap happens! said...

bless chloe! thank goodness for shatterproof baubles!

i havent even started my JYC, so your doing better than me! lol.

Jenga said...

Fab photo! I love Disarrono (sp???) I may even have a small one this Christmas :) I bet Chloe will love this Christmas :)

kathj said...

Lol thats so funny! Im only catching up on my journal today still have loads to do on it.

Uma said...

bless! didn't realise that this was where all the cute Chloe piccies were