Tuesday, 25 November 2008

25th - Scrap Your Day!

Well the 25th seems to come round really fast! Chloe and I had a very busy day, Millie (a neighbour) looked after her in the morning whilst I went for my smear test (it's 8 years since I last had one!) :oO I took pictures of the doctors but I definately wasn't going to take pictures of the actual test lol

When I got home I could hear a pitiful meow! Missy had got locked in our bedroom! When I opened the door she shot out like a bullet!!

Missy feeling sorry for herself!

Then in the afternoon, I left Chloe with Joan our lovely neighbours behind us, whilst John took me to pick our car up from it's MOT!

I had to explain to them all why I needed to take photo's of them!

This evening, Dave went out for a curry with the guys from work and me and Chloe went to pick him up, Richard and Paul waited with him so they could see me and Chloe which was really nice :o)

How much did you drink?

Part of today's 'Scrap Your Day' challenge was to take self portrait's of myself, well this definately prooved to be a big challenge, I must admit 100's of photo's later and I am lucky if I have one I can use! (Is my nose really that big?) :oO

Here are a couple of piccys, the best of a bad lot!

I even managed to get my AMOP CJ entry done! I've hidden it just incase the owner takes a peek on my blog!

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Jenga said...

Love the arms length shot of you and Chloe hun xxx