Thursday, 20 November 2008


I was ill on monday, Dave had to come home from work to look after Chloe, I thought I had a bit of sickness & diarreah, which went off after a couple of hours and just left me feeling washed out.

Then on Tuesday, I had a really good morning, Millie my neighbour had Chloe for a couple of hours, so I had a lovely long shower and pamper, did a bit of tidying up ect. Then went to get her back, fed her and got ready for taking her to get her jabs. On the way round to the doctors the ill feeling came on again and I had to turn round and come home! I left her asleep in her pram whilst I was ill, I didn't know where to put myself, thought I was going to be sick again, hot/cold clammy and a pain on the left side just around the top of my hip. I texted Dave who couldn't come home, so he phoned our other neighbours, John and Joan, who are wonderful, Joan came round to get Chloe, she made me call the doctors and get someone to come out to see me.

The doctor was really nice, she took a urine sample with her, and called me back later, there was blood in it and white cells, which indicates infection so hopefully antibiotics will work, if they don't it could be kidney stones!!!

Dave also phoned my mum and dad, and they had to drive down from cumbria! Dad went home yesterday and has left my mum for a few days.

I haven't had another episode thankfully, but I am feeling really tired and all my energy has been sapped, but I feel alot better than I did!

But its good having my mum here and she is enjoying seeing Chloe :o)

Look what Chloe has got while Daddy is at work! hee hee

I just need to teach her how to get star trek on now! LOL

I feel a layout coming on! Well when I am feeling better ..

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