Tuesday, 21 October 2008

First Jabs

Chloe had to go for her first lot of immunisations today, it wasn't nice, not only did she scream the place down, there were tears running down my face too! Even Nana had a tear in her eye too! Anyway because it was a nice day, we walked and Chloe was asleep by the time we got home! But mummy was still traumatised, Daddy can take her for the next lot!

Chloe in the pram on the way to the doctors!

Chloe also hasn't had a poo since last Thursday, and this morning she finally managed to do an explosion, which meant she had to have a bath, then this afternoon she had another explosion, 4 days worth all at once! Daddy bathed her this time and another change of clothes and yet more washing! But we are glad because we were getting a bit worried! Sorry if that's TMI lol

We also got some more smiles, I tried to take a piccy with my mobile, which was a bit difficult as she was lying on me facing the other way! It's not a very good piccy, and please ignore my double chin!


Helsbells said...

Oh an explsive poo situation - this happened to Oliver a while back. He wasn't 'going' every day and finally it all came out. He was unceremoniously dumped in my FILs sink! So glad that we weren't out and about anywhere else! :D

Hope you're well :)

kathj said...

look at that smile! LOVE the hat!