Thursday, 16 October 2008

Visit to Natalie's & The Slow Cooker Saga

Chloe and I had a lovely time visiting Natalie (Natbag on UKS)in her new home, and cooing over the lovely nursery she has ready for her new baby! Oh and looking at her gorgous layouts and memory box in real life, they look fab!

Well I've wanted a slow cooker for ages, but Dave said there's no need because our microwave can do it, but I wasn't keen on leaving the microwave on all day cooking?!

So on UKS I noticed a post which said that Tesco's were selling a good one for half price, just under a tenner! It would be rude not too... So after visiting Natalie, Chloe and I went to have a look and I bought one!

I decided to hide it when I got home, so Dave wouldn't see it, and then the plan was I would cook something wonderful in it and surprise him.

Unfortunately this didn't go to plan! I bought him a peice of Rocky Road (i think that's what it is called) from Greggs when I got myself a sarnie. He asked me if I had gone into Rothwell, and I said no, Seacroft, so he asked what I went there for, so I said to have a look round Tesco's, he asked what I had bought, and I said I bought Chloe some more vests.. he asked what else I had bought, and I said nothing!

Anyway he can see right through me, I can't lie for toffee and he kept on asking, what else have you bought and eventually I gave in and told him! Then I had to admit I had hidden it in the wardrobe! It was rather funny, maybe more funny if you had been there at the time lol

But I just need to find a fab recipe to try out in it! I might have a go next week when his mum is here. (I'm not the greatest cook) Watch this space....

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