Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Slow Cooker & Mobile

Well I made our first meal in the slow cooker today, Beef Bourguignon and it was lovely! So easy too, why have I left it so long to try it out?!

My mobile has just died! Arrrrggghh! I can't complain really because it's lasted well, i've had it for 2 and half years and I am a bit clumsy with it! But I hope I haven't lost all my numbers or photo's that I've taken on it! Why didn't I back it up? You would think working in IT, it's the first thing I would have done! Doh! Hopefully Dave will be able to work his magic and get them back for me! Fingers crossed!

This poses the question of which phone to get next, we usually always get Sony Ericsson's but Dave's last 2 have been rubish, and the new version of mine is reported to be rubish too! Do I get the same phone again (K800i) even though its an older model, but a fab phone? Or do I risk an upgrade? Or do I change make's completely?! Hmmm decisions....

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