Thursday, 30 October 2008

Trip out to Susy's

Trying to get organised and out on time with a baby isn't easy! Firstly my mobile has died to I got Dave's old phone and it was PIN locked so I couldn't get into it, and I didn't want to leave without a phone just in case! Luckily Dave saw his email asking what it was, as I don't know his mobile number to phone to ask him lol Then the postman stopped me on the way out with my parcel, the American Crafts D ring 6x6 album for the 'Stories in Hand' class which I only ordered yesterday! Even the postman was impressed how quickly it came! He said not bad for Royal Mail ay? lol

I needed to pop to Sainsburys before I went to pick Kirsty up, and I forgot you can't just 'run in' with a baby! I put her in one of those car seat trolleys as I decided that would be faster than getting the pram out of the car! She weighs a ton now with her car seat, I have to use 2 hands to lift it! I was trying to run round sainsburys with this massive trolley with the car seat on top that you can't see past, and I kept running into people! Lots of people stop me to coo over Chloe too, which is lovely but I was in a rush!

Anyway I eventually got to pick Kirsty up, and we went to Susy's and we had a lovely time, she made us Jacket Tatties for lunch, then we had the jelly tot's and doughnuts that I brought! I met little Boo who is sooo cute and tiny!! (Cocker Spaniel) and I met Gemma, who was lovely and really quiet! (which is apparently not normal! As she normally talks more than Susy!)

Thankyou Kirsty & Susy for a lovely day!


Kirsty said...

Thank you too xx

Susy Rudy said...

sorry only just catching up with your blog - what do you mean I talk alot!!!! LOL