Monday, 6 October 2008

Chloe's first trip to Cumbria

Well off we went to the lakes, well we went past the lakes to good old Workington on the coast to see Grandma and Grandpa! (My home town) We had a lovely trip over the A66 and chatted all the way cos I didn't fall asleep, very unlike me! But Chloe did thankfully!

On the way over the A66 we passed a Volvo and Dave recognised the registration, it was Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Brenda, I waved like mad and they saw us! It was very funny. Uncle Ronnie popped to see us the next day and the first thing he mentioned was that Dave drives too fast! (He wasn't going that fast, just faster than them!)

The reason we went to Workington was to give my mum and dad their Ruby Wedding present, (19th October) Roanne and David (my sis and brother in law) came up with the idea of booking 'Allo 'Allo and a couple of nights in a hotel which they arranged and we went halve's with. Mum and Dad were very surprised! We had a lovely weekend and it was nice seeing Jason, my nephew and everyone loved seeing Chloe :o)

Annoyingly I forgot to take the camera, when I meantioned it, Dave said he had packed it, but then we realised the battery was still in the charger at home! Typical!

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