Friday, 1 August 2008

Dave's 29th Birthday

Well it's been a busy and stressful day for me!

I decided to bake an egg custard tart for Dave's birthday cake, because I know how much he loves them ( i hate them!)

I started off realising I had no instructions on how to make the pastry or bake it blind, I ended up cooking it for far too long!

I then had to break off to go to the opticians, afterwards as I was making the egg filling, the receipe said 3Oz of caster sugar and I started to pour it on top of the egg and then realised it was far too much, and re-read the recipe and realised it said 3 Oz (there wasn't any gap!!!) Opps so I had to fish as much as I could out!

Anyway he was pleased with it when he got home, we went out to for a meal at Salute, the White Swan at Rothwell. It was lovely, far too much food and it was very rich!

But to end the day off, Dave's leg had a couple of insect bites on it which were getting very itchy, and sore and his leg was blotchy red and burning hot! So we ended up at the LGI and they gave him some antibiotics!

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