Friday, 20 June 2008

Diabetes Clinic

I had 2 appointments at St James yesterday, Physio in the morning, then the Diabetes Clinic in the afternoon.

I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes :o(

I saw the Consultant, Obstetrician, a Diabetic Nurse and a Dietician! It was quite overwhelming, lots of information to take in and I got pretty upset. They say it's not down to my diet, although I don't quite believe them, I blame myself.

Baby is producing insulin for me because I am not producing enough, but the transfer of insulin can only go from me to baby, not baby to me, so hence why its stomach is enlarged. This could lead to it being diabetic and also a difficult delivery as its stomach shouldn't be bigger than its head :o(

Dave has been a little star, looking after me and sorting me, and my diet out, he is doing the diet with me bless him, he has been my rock :o)

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