Monday, 5 January 2009


Right I am going to put this in black and white, (well blue and lilac in this case!) my friend Helen has challenged me to do a layout a week :oO

Which is a massive challenge, if you read my previous blog entry you will have seen that I only managed 12 layouts for the whole of last year!

Can I do it? Well I am going to try! So this entry is so that you can all see me trying lol


Helsbells said...

It's in print now Trina - you have to do it!

If I can do it, you can! Looking forward to seeing number one. Just think of all the lovely layouts you'll have to look back on at the end of the year :)

Trina said...

What have I let myself in for? lol

You don't know how slow I am!

Jenga said...

I think we should copy and paste this onto our own blogs so she can't delete it Helen ;) ;) 1 LO a week is easy woman!!! GO Trina! Go Trina!! Go Trina!!!


Trina said...

Oooh I never thought of that! I hope you lot are going to join me in this challenge?!

my5bratz said...

Good on you...much more sensible than me...last year not only did I do a self-portrait a day, a card a day but a LO a day as was fine...completed...waaaay behind on cards...and I didn't manage a LO a day but over the year it did average out ok...never again

a LO a week should be ok tho...i should take up the challenge ;0)