Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2009 is a good one for everyone!

Look what Grandma has started!

Naughty Grandma!

Reflecting on 2008, it's been a very good year for us! It started late 2007 on Christmas day when Dave asked me to marry him, then on boxing day we found out I was pregnant! We then decided to get married before the baby was born, on March 28th at Leeds Town Hall (Beautiful place!) We managed a cheap honeymoon to Gran Canaria too, then our beautiful daughter Chloe was born on the 18th August, and our lives were turned upside down! What an amazing year, we are looking forwards to 2009 and seeing her grow and change, she has changed so much already!

We have had some lovely family times this year, a surprise visit from my family while Dave and I were at Centre Parcs for my birthday, a good weekend seeing the horses and visiting Whitby with Daves Mum & Dad, a lovely weekend with my Auntie Vicki and Uncle Fred. I've also made alot of friends this year, more people on UKS, Leeds Paper Dolls, Bumps n Babes and I've met some lovely people at the baby classes I've been going to. There have also been some very sad moments, I hope 2009 is a better year for those people who have suffered greatly this last year.

Scrapping wise, I have had several projects on the go, a BOM, Creative A-Z journal(which is only half done) Shimelle's 'Scrap Your Day' on the 25th of each month which is ongoing, I joined it late! And finally a JYC (Journal Your Christmas) which I am a little bit behind on, the 21st was my last completed page.

After reading my friend Helen's blog I decided to do a top ten slide show of my favourite layouts of 2008 too, only to discover I only have 10 layouts! Well there are actually 12, one of which I can't display for some reason and the other I can't show you as it's very similar to my CJ entry for Marie's CJ.

So here are my top (ONLY) ten!

New Years resolutions:

1. Do more layouts!
2. Get upto date with my scrap projects.
3. Lose weight (Like I haven't said that before)
4. Eat healthier meals.
5. Do more exercise.
6. Keep the house clean and tidy.


Jenga said...

1. me too
2. me too
3. me too
4. me too
5. me too
6. that's what The Husband is for!!! ;)

Happy 2009 :)

Trina said...

lol Jen!

I thing I got a defective husband, cos he doesn't do housework either!

kathj said...

lol I love the chocolate photos!!