Saturday, 27 December 2008

Home via Friends!

Well it was Daddy's bright idea to be in Carlisle for 10am this morning! We actually made it to Bev's for 10:30, not bad considering it took some packing to get everything in the car this morning!

Chloe & Bev

Chloe with Bev and her mum Joan

Ali & Chloe

Me & Rossi (He is named after Valentino Rossi incase you wondered!)

He's not a dog, he's a horse! AND he is still a puppy!

Dave with Rossi & Mitch

Nik & Ali

Ali with Rossi in the window!

We had a lovely day catching up with everyone and it was great surprising Nik & Ali and seeing Sammi & Chris, I can't believe they are now in their 20's!

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