Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Look who Chloe met today!

Well off I went to the White Rose Centre to do some christmas shopping which was very unsuccessful as I didn't get one christmas present!

As I was wandering round Debenhams, looking at bits and bobs, all of a sudden what I thought was a christmas display of Santa, suddenly spoke to me! I jumped out of my skin! We had a good chat and he was lovely and let me take a piccy of Chloe with him!


Rach said...

LMAO at the talking Santa display! Think that would have set off labour for me!

Adorable piccie - a beautiful one to scrap!

Kirsty said...

What a fab pic Trina xx

Jenga said...

gorgeous!!! some santas won't hold babies you know - health ans safety!!! don't they know we need cute pics to scrap????? LOL