Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day!

We didn't get a good nights sleep with Chloe unfortunately, and we woke up when my little nephew Jason phoned to tell us 'He's Been!' My mum's catch phrase for Christmas morning (she scared Dave to death with it last Christmas!).

We came down to a living room full of presents! Luckily Santa realised we weren't in Leeds for Christmas and had delivered them all to Cumbria!

Chloe had more fun with the wrapping paper!

Mummy, Chloe and Macca Pacca!

Look what Daddy got for Christmas!

Chloe's Christmas outfit..

Don't they look smart (I'm a proud Mummy & Wife!)

Chloe's Snowman that wiggles and plays a tune!

We went out to the local pub/restaurant for christmas dinner with Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle David and Auntie Ro and cousin Jason, Chloe slept through the whole thing, even with people blowing their streamers.

It's been a long tiring day for Chloe's first Christmas..

Chloe's new pj's.

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kathj said...

she is such a sweetie, i love the chair pod, must get one of thoes for Rayan