Friday, 12 December 2008

Catch up!

It's been a busy week and I haven't had chance to keep up with my blog, Dave has been quite poorly and has been off sick all week, with cold and a chest infection, and this is the first time it's not man flu! Unfortunately Chloe has now caught it, I'm not quite sure how I have managed to avoid it so far! Very unlike me!

Monday 8th

We went to York today to visit Auntie Brenda which was really nice.

Tuesday 9th

Chloe had her check up at St James with the Paediatrician, he was very pleased with her progress. :o)

Wednesday 10th

Chloe and I went swimming to Rothwell with Melanie and Edwin, it was far better than Kippax as it has a proper baby pool which is lovely and warm.

I started my Christmas shopping! Yippee

We went to Samual Taylor's for my Secret Santa pressy for Saturday!

Thursday 11th

Baby massage and Mums 'n' Babes class, this was the last one! Boo hoo, I think we were all disappointed that we won't be getting the first aid class added onto the end, which we missed last week due to the snow! We all swapped numbers and hopefully will be meeting up again.

Me & Chloe went to Melanie and Edwins for lunch which was very nice :o) She makes lovely cakes & cookies!

Friday, 12th

Weigh in at Clinic, Chloe is now 13lb 10oz and is 62.5cm long! HV is really pleased with her.

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