Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

We decided to go out for Lunch and as Morrison's cafe was shut we went to a lovely pub and I had to have turkey and cranberry sarnies and chips!

After, the boys dropped me and mum off in town to hit the sales with Auntie Ro, just as we walked round the corner we bumped into Barbara! I ran back to see if Dave had turned the car round and managed to stop him so she could meet Chloe! Then 5 minutes later we bumped into Alison & Alan and their 2 daughters, it was lovely seeing them both, it must be over 8 years since I last saw them! We also bumped into Jean & Keith, then went for coffee & cake in Debenhams! Auntie Ro dropped us off at home and Chloe had enjoyed herself with Grandpa and Daddy!

Chloe & Nicci, the new french teddy that Grandma brought back from Paris

Chloe about to have Turkey & Chips!

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