Saturday, 13 December 2008

LPD Christmas 12 hour crop!

Well it was touch and go as to whether Chloe would be staying at home today or coming with me, as Daddy has been quite poorly this week and we weren't sure if he would be well enough to look after her.

Luckily he was! Yippeee!

I had a fab day, managed to catch up on my 'Scrap Your Day' journal and I did 7 pages for 'JYC' (Journal Your Christmas) So I still have to do 3 more pages to get upto date.

We had a good laugh, from two certain ladies talking about chocolate things from Ann Summers, to Susy doing the Macarana, and everyone singing to the sound of music! Definately mad aren't we?!

Unfortunately our poor leader, Kirsty had to go home as she was quite poorly, I hope you are feeling better soon Doo xx

I also managed to upset Janee and Marie because they popped in and wanted Chloe cuddles, and she wasn't there! Ooops! Sorry girls!

I came home with a pot of Hazel's husband's chilli which we had for tea and was absolutely gorgous! Thankyou soo much Hazel (I love her doggy bags lol)

Daddy and Chloe had a good day too, so hopefully there will be many more Mummy Me Time Days!

Trying to get the girls organised!

The finished shot!

Who shouted out Jazz hands? Cos it looks like only I did!!! AND Hazel & Gill we can see you hiding at the back!

It looks like 'Bagheera' out of 'Jungle Book' is ready to pounce on us lol (I had to look that up!)

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Mrs Hedgehog said...

You can just see the star on the top of the Christmas tree I wanted to stand in front of. Nice pics Trina. Like the lemon sauce story so glad you didn't taste it!!! Lx