Sunday, 22 March 2009

My First Mothers Day!

Well I didn't get off to a good start, Chloe woke about 4:30am, so I fed her then I couldn't get back to sleep (she did!) I started with a snuffly nose and feeling poorly, so I got up and stuck a photo on a layout, then did some more to my Scrap Your Day book, by this time it was 6:30 and Chloe woke, so I fed her, dressed her and fed myself, all while Daddy was still fast asleep in bed! I'm sure it was me who was supposed to have a lie in!

When Daddy did get up, he helped Chloe give me a beautiful card and a book about Scrapbooking! I was rather emotional and chuffed to bits!

We then went into Leeds, and did some shopping and I got treated to Nando's for lunch, yummy!

Thankyou Chloe and Daddy!

Anyway it was all a bit too much for Chloe too, and we both drifted off!

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Helsbells said...

That's a beautiful picture. Chloe looks so peaceful.