Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The wanderers return!

It's been a busy week! Firstly, Chloe and I went up to Cumbria whilst Dave was in Exeter on a course with work, we had a fab time, Mum made me my favourite curry and pancakes for pud on Tuesday! Thanks Mum! Chloe says thankyou Grandma for her little denim dress, and I'm sure she will fill it soon!

On Wednesday, Chloe and I went to Auntie Ro's and off we went for a spot of shopping in good old Workington, which is alot better than it used to be! We had coffee and lemon cake in Costas, which was delicious! I got Chloe some gorgous PJ's from Matalan, a really cute Denim dress from Debenhams and a lovely coat from a local shop, which ended up only costing a fiver, thanks to Auntie Ro & Dad! I also got myself a couple of jumpers from New Look! We then surprised Jason by meeting him at school, he pushed Chloe's pram all the way back to their house. Chloe had great fun playing with Auntie Ro, Uncle David and Jason, I can't wait to see the video's we took of them all on their camera. Chloe and I really enjoyed ourselves, thanks for a lovely day!

Can you believe though, Wednesday was the 25th, Scrap Your Day, day!! AND I completely forgot!

The second part of the week, Saturday, off we went to visit Auntie Vicki & Uncle Fred in Wiltshire. We had a lovely time and Dave took some really nice pictures.

On Sunday, we stopped at Birmingham to see Nana & Grandad and Richard. We had a really nice time and we really enjoyed our little visit 'Up Town' with Nana before we set off for home in the afternoon with Richard. Unfortunately I didn't take any photo's!!! Chloe says thankyou Nana for her cute little jeans and t-shirt! And thankyou Uncle Richard for my gorgous teddy bear!

Richard stayed with us and went home Tuesday night, Chloe had a great time playing with her toys and Uncle Richard. (Again no photo's!!! What was I thinking?!)

Chloe in her new T-Shirt & Jeans


Rach said...

Awwwww look at her looking all cute in her new outfit!

Jenga said...

curry and pancakes???? for pudding???? huh???

Helsbells said...

How cute is she! Really love the new photos :)