Thursday, 15 July 2010

A mad few months and some Scrapping!

Well it's been a while again!

We have had a right few months, Chloe has had chicken pox, we had to get my parents down to look after her for nearly 2 weeks! Thanks Mum & Dad!

If you want to skip my ramblings, scroll to the bottom for the scrapping!

Anyway, while they were down, I was playing 'a lady goes a pace..' with Chloe on my knee, and when it got the galloping farmer, she landed on just one of my knees and she really cried, I settled her down but she went straight to sleep, like someone had flicked a switch! We couldn't raise her at all, no resistance in her limbs, her eyes were just fixed stare when we lifted her eye lids and her breathing was really slow & we were having to wait for her next breath. We called NHS Direct who then called an ambulance, we had an emergency response vehicle, who then decided he wanted her to go to hospital. Thankfully she started to come round at this point, by the time we got to hospital, i was having trouble keeping her on my knee in the ambulance! And at the hospital she was running round creating havoc.

The consultant said it was a reaction to the shock, her body had shut down a bit like a faint. Scary! Anyway it was clear that she was fine and they checked her over and sent us home.

Just after my parents went home, I wasn't very well, and i was off work sick a week, then at the weekend I woke up feeling really poorly, I couldn't move my head, an unbelievable headache and an aversion to light! We called NHS direct again, and they wanted to call an ambulance, but I refused and said Dave would take me in. I was admitted into hospital with suspected meningitus, I was put on a drip and x-rayed, luckily they decided I didn't need a lumbar puncture! Whilst I had been taken to x-ray, the ward phoned Dave up and asked where I was! He was beside himself wondering if i had collapsed somewhere. They moved me up onto the infectious disease ward for the night, I had a lovely view of Leeds! They decided it was just a nasty virus and I was allowed home the following day, with some very strong pain killers. (they were going to send me home without them, but I wouldn't leave until they got me some! lol)

When I finally got back to work, I started a 3 month secondment to the Business Applications team, I'm learning SQL and its been really good and I love it, I have definately found what I want to do.

Dave, his Dad and myself went to see Paul McCartney in Hyde Park in London, it was fab! Thank you to Dave's mum and Richard for looking after Chloe xx She had a fab time too! <3

I have also had my birthday, we went and had a lovely picnic down at Woodlesford Lock and we went for a 2 mile walk, Chloe walked a mile by herself!

Since then the guy who was brought in as my manager, and was doing my old job has had a better offer and is leaving! Because of the recruitment freeze I am going to have to do some of his job (which weren't actually part of my job!) I'm pretty fed up about this, because their is so much to learn where I am, I don't want to have to juggle both things. But it could have been worse, I could have been back doing my old job full time!

Then I wasnt very well again with raging tonsilitus! Its been a nightmare! But I am starting to feel quite a bit better today and I have managed some scrapping, so finally after all that waffling here goes....

Apologies for some of the pictures being on their sides, I've no idea how blogger does it, can anyone tell me?

This next one was inspired by the lovely Mel,

The stitching didn't go well, firstly cos when I got my old sewing machine out, which used to be Auntie Vicki's. The plug had been taken off!!! I can guess who did that! (it wasn't Dave!) So I wasn't happy, then after ranting to Dave, he calmly suggested that I put one on from something which we didn't use much, and I have! I managed to get quite a bit stitched but then the sewing machine kept jamming, not sure why. I ended up using a pen to fill in the gaps! You can't tell if you squint at it! lol


Cath said...

I love that 18mth LO :). I'm ashamed that I'm so unmotivated whilst you're on full-steam ahead creativity-wise. Hope real life sorts itself out soon ((hugs)).

Mel said...

The LO's are gorgeous. I love the bright colours. Also your patchwork one, I have one of those papers!! Well done you with the sewing.

Anonymous said...

Fab layouts hun! I hope you get rid of all this bad health!!! You have so had your share!!! xxx

Jen x

Uma said...

oh my goodness you have been through the wars! truly gorgeous layouts, well done. Fingers crossed for a better few months coming up.

Kathy said...

love the just like mommy lo!

Kathy said...

these are great Im glad you are back scrapping again. Happy Christmas