Thursday, 25 September 2008

25th Scrap your day - Shimelle

Well my day started at 4am in the morning when Chloe woke up, I took some photo's but as you can imagine they aren't great because I was half asleep! Later on I read the prompt from Shimelle which suggested reflections, so I tried taking pictures of things with a reflection, such as our kettle and the TV, unfortunately none of the piccys turned out great, I think the idea was there but I could have done with someone else taking the photo's.

Bev came down to Leeds on the train, and met Dave at the station at 4pm ish, then Chloe and I met them both at Woodlesford.

Ian, Claire and William popped in to visit too, unfortunately Chloe spent most of the time crying, I tried to feed her to settle her but she was having none of it!

Dave and I couldn't believe how much William had grown, he is gorgous and was smiling and giggling the whole time he was here. He is not far of walking either at only 9 months old!

After they went, Chloe decided to settle down and we had a chinese for tea! By this time I forgot about scrap your day and didn't take any more photo's apart from bedtime!

Anyway we had a lovely evening, and I had half a glass of wine!

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