Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Inducement Day

Well on the morning of the 17th September at 7:30am, I called the hospital as instructed to see if we should go in, and they said YES! OMG! I was told to have breakfast before we went, so we did at the hospital we waited and they put some machines on me to monitor the baby's heartbeat, as the continued, we were told that there was 2 other women who were also waiting to be induced, and there wasn't enough cots. Then in the evening, the doctor came to see me and advised us that a lady was having twins so they would be unable to induce me as they needed the cot's for them! They said I could stay in or go home, so we decided after a while that I would stay in so if there was a chance of induction the following day, I would be there and ready.

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