Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Appointment with the Haematology Paediatrician

Well it's been a busy day today, I had the dentist in the morning which went well apart from Chloe starting to cry as soon as I sat in the chair! She got lots of attention in the waiting room, and at Morrisons when I popped in on the way home to get mince for spag bol for tea!

Anyway Chloe's appointment was at the childrens day hospital, it's a separate building from the rest of St James hospital and it's really nice and has a lovely friendly relaxed atmosphere. She had to have some blood taken from her heel again, this time daddy held her and she did cry :o( and all the nurses made a fuss of her. She was weighed (4.45kg = 9lb 8oz)and had her height measured (55") The consultant explained that Chloe's haemaglobin levels were fine and she is doing well. They were going to repeat the test to confirm she definately has HS (Hereditory Sphereotysosis) as it is a fairly new test. We have to keep an eye on her and if she ever looks yellow and pale we have to get in touch with them, and we can phone them directly. They are going to review her in 2 months time.

After we had tea, (Dave decided he couldn't face my cooking and ordered a chinese!) I called my mum to tell her how it went and then my sis, as alongside me, she also has HS and so does my nephew Jason.

We are going up to visit at the weekend. :o)

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