Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bev's visit

We had a lovely day today, managed to get out and go to the post office around 11am, called at tesco's too. When we got back Chloe was still asleep so off we went to the pub and Bev treated me to my lunch, Chloe kept opening her eyes and I was panicing that she was going to start crying and want feeding, but she drifted off to sleep. We then even managed a trip to Sainsburys also, Bev spent a fortune, a new microwave and a panini maker for her new house.

We had a lovely time, talking about, babies, weddings and Bev's new home. We also talked about our friendship, and how odd we have managed nearly 30 years of being friends! How our lives have kept meeting up, after Bev moving to Carlisle and how weird it was to discover we were both doing YTS's with ATMays, and we ended up going to college together, then Bev staying with me everytime she was working near by for Thomas Cook. I would like to scrap this, I can't think of a word to use at the moment which best describe's it all. Will get back to you when it comes to me, although suggestions are apprieciated!

Anyway it was lovely to have Bev here, and I really enjoyed her visiting and it was just what I needed. :o) Thankyou Bev! xx

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